Diamante Do Mar Natural Sea Salt For Foodies, Chefs And Those Who Love To Cook...

Warmed by the glorious Algarve sun and kissed by the gentle westerly breezes, Diamante Do Mar Natural Sea Salt products are lovingly hand harvested from the clear Atlantic waters. From an area steeped in history and culture, our Natural Sea Salt evokes the culinary influences of this glorious region and the delights of Algarve cuisine.

Enhance any dish with the subtle yet distinctive taste of our organically approved Natural Sea Salt and unleash the natural flavours of your ingredients to make your cooking delicious.

As an aspirational or experienced cook, you will understand the importance of seasoning and Diamante Do Mar Natural Sea Salt celebrates this art by unlocking the sunshine in your cooking. The subtle slightly “sweeter” taste is characteristic of our Natural Sea Salt, setting it apart from the bitterness of other salts. Our artisan hand crafting process preserves the delicate balance of its taste and locks in the high mineral content.

Unlock The Sunshine In Your Cooking

Provide inspiration for your cooking and enhance any sweet or savoury dish with our hand crafted Diamante Do Mar Natural Sea Salt Crystals and Diamante Do Mar Flor De Sal Salt Petals.

Diamante Do Mar is the name synonymous with Natural Sea Salt of choice for foodies, chefs and those who love to cook.

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